Ancient Mayan Jobs

Ancient Mayan Jobs-Ruler

The maya had jobs that they had to perform in and out of the palace. The prince's job was simple. He was to grow up to be a king. The ambassador's job was to represent other countries in the world. The prime minister's job was to organize campaigns and also serve as the chief justice of the supreme court. The astronomer's job was to keep track of the sky.

Ancient Mayan Jobs-Farmer

Farmers worked very hard. The Mayas did not have metal tools. Fathers and sons worked their land mostly by hand, helped a little with stone axes. Even though their tools were very simple, farmers grew so much food that they produced surplus crops. There were Mayan farmers who had crops like corn, sunflower seeds, cotton, manioc, etc.

Ancient Mayan Jobs

There were also architects, engineers, and the priests and officials. mayans had many jobs. some include stonemasons feather workers and warriors. Priests, kings, and farmers apart from architects, artisans, scribes, traders, slaves, craftsmen, etc.

Ancient Mayan Jobs-Priest

Maya priests were also the rulers of cities. Every day they would perform services after climbing the hundreds of temple steps.

Ancient Mayan Jobs

Maya priests might have caused the collapse of the Maya when the lesser Mayas (farmers) got tired of having to obey the commands of the priests and abandoned the cities.

Ancient Mayan Jobs-Women

The majority of women were relegated to work within the home mostly to do with providing food and clothes for the family. In the case of food, women were allowed to help work the fields and bring in the harvest in a small capacity when it was necessary.

Ancient Mayan Jobs

Much like their counterparts in the Inca Empire, the women of the Mayan Empire were set at weaving whenever they were not doing any other work. The cloth, fabrics, and even tapestries that they produced are revered worldwide through the years for their intricate details and sturdy weaving.

The nobles were all the people who were not actually the rulers, but were of royal blood - the brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles of the ruling family. Nobles believed they were so important that, when they appeared in public, their attendants would hold a cloth in front of their face.

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