Inca Military

The ancient Incan military was highly organized much like the as modern military. In the Inca army to prepare future soldiers, army or military training took place and began with young boys as ten years old, who took part in many physical activities such as weightlifting, wrestling, and sling shooting.

The age of Inca soldiers was between 25 to 50. All had extensive army training. They wore alpaca tunics or cotton, and their helmets were made of metal and bright color.

Inca Military

In the Inca Army, the soldiers served as a public service organization and brought materials and food from one region of the country to other region country and trained specialists and the contribution to the growth of the empire.

Military Strategy of Inca

The military strategy of Inca was not too much complicated. They divided their military forces into three groups. The first one group attacked from the front side and other two make a circle and attacked in the rear case. The Inca soldier cut off communication, water supplies, and food supplies.

Inca Military

One of the key to the success of Inca people was their military organization. Army was much more organized under Inca than the other nations in Andes those days. Educated leaders, highly disciplined army, equipment and better tactics helped Inca to win the battles. People of the army were mainly comprised from the already conquered groups.

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