Ancient Mayan Education

The Maya were one of the greatest New World civilizations. They excelled in the arts, mathematics, architecture, farming, and astronomy. Mothers brought up their children but fathers were responsible for training their boys when they reached the tender age of four or five years.

Ancient Mayan Education Methodology

The ancient Mayan education was taught differently. It was not the same way as it is done in America. First, they only taught education to higher people like Priests, chiefs, leaders, and war leaders.

It was unfair to lower people. Next, lower people still got education from their family, friends, and generations. They taught the younger ones what they ever learned throughout their lives.

Ancient Mayan Languages

The Maya spoke various Maya family languages some of which were phonetically transcribed via hieroglyphs. The Maya painted their words on bark paper that has disintegrated, but also wrote on more enduring substances.

Two dialects dominate the inscriptions and are presumed to be the more prestigious forms of the Maya language. One is from the southern area of the Maya and the other from the Yucatan peninsula. With the advent of the Spanish, the prestige language became Spanish.

Ancient Mayan Languages

Mayan Education Facts

Like in America there is education for every type and every age person. Although their level of knowledge is as much as Greece, Mayans had like 2 areas that not even Greece has done. It is medicine and Astronomy. Ancient Mayans still had as much as knowledge as other countries did. Some people think Mayan's are not smart but they are so wrong because Mayan's are pretty smart with higher education but they are not the smartest.

Mayan Education

As I have told you ancient Mayan education is different from ours. In some countries education is only for different type of people like, young or old people, what group you're in, or even how strong you are. In Maya it matters in what group you're in. It was only for higher people like priests, and chiefs, and also leaders.

Ancient Mayan Education about Values

Several values were stressed to Maya children. They no noly desired for a strong work ethic, but working for the betterment of the community was necessary.

Immense importance was given to the families in the Mayan culture, and it was imperative to respect the leaders in one's family ."A sense of responsibility is another important quality which children have to learn. This includes independence, self-confidence and the ability to make decisions".


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