Inca Cities

Inca Capital Cuzco

The capital of the Inca Empire was Cuzco. Cuzco was situated around 11,000 feet above the sea level. It was a busy place, since the Administration, Military, and Political system was located there.

Inca Cities

The emperor lived in Cuzco with his family. The important administrators stayed in the Palace, while the other administrators stayed around Cuzco, in the suburbs. Selected servants stayed in the city. Not many people lived in the cities.

Inca People

Most of them were farmers and thus lived in the villages. People came to cities for business or during festivals. The city was mainly used for the government. Among the people who lived in the city were carpenters, artisans, weavers, metalworkers and other craftsmen who did the artwork for the temple.

Inca Cities

Cuzco was a splendid place. There were many palaces, government buildings, schools, and temples. There was a public square which was used for gatherings and ceremonies.

Inca Architecture

The buildings were mainly made of stone. The stone was made with precise size so that they fit each other while constructing and did not need mortar.

The Incas believed in life after death. Thus, after the death of an Emperor, his mummy was placed in the Palace. While the family stayed in the same Palace waiting for his return. So when a new Inca was appointed, a new Palace had to be constructed. Thus, the City of Cuzco was always under construction.

Inca architecture in Inca Cities

The fortress was guarded by a fortress. Every person entering the city was checked. A database was made. This was done to prevent precious things to go out of the city without permission.

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