Ancient Mayan Ruins Tours

The Mayan Chichen Itza is off course undoubtedly the most famous tourist destination. However, there are a few other ruins that must be visited. They are

Ancient Mayan Ruin Tours

Ancient Mayan Tulum

  • It is believed to be one of the most important ceremonial centers of the Mayans
  • It dates back to more than the 17th C
  • It was a major Mayan trade center too
  • The temple of Dior was built here

Ancient Mayan Coba

  • It is another Mayan site, not yet fully reclaimed from the jungle
  • It is, however, a favourite with the adventurous sort as it is in the heart of the jungle
  • Its architecture, surprisingly, is very similar to the Guatamaelan city Tikal
  • It is not as well developed and restored as the Chichen Itza site so visitors will be well warned to carry bug spray along with them when visiting!

Ancient Mayan Uxmal

  • It is in the state of Yuctan, south of Merida
  • It is one of the most well- known Mayan cities
  • It is a large, impressively carved site
  • Its largest structure is the "pyramid of the magician"

Ancient Mayan El merco

This site dates back to the Mayan post classical period

  • From its main attraction, the pyramid, is a breathtaking view of Chacmochuc lagoon.

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