Facts about Inca Culture

Inca was a distinct civilization which had a diverse culture, history, architecture. It flourished in 13th century. As this civilization progressed it left its footprints behind which were mysterious intriguing and distinct.

Facts about Inca Culture

Inca culture facts are astounding and remarkable. Inca culture began with the inception of Inca itself. As the civilization grew the culture too grew. The actual name of culture of Inca was Quechua culture and Inca gets its name after the name of its king Sapan Inca.

This culture's origin dates back to 1100 A.D.

More Facts about Inca Culture

Inca's culture was simple in which the king held everything under his authority. Whatever was the produced by people a third part of it was offered to the king. Thus the government after this distributed the products to the needy people. As a result the conditions of people of the civilization were really good. People were cared and they had an optimum happiness index.

Facts about Inca Culture

Incas tribe was a hardworking tribe. They all worked very hard in every field be it was in development of technology, health facilities, or agriculture. They loved working and there was this belief that working makes way for happiness and satisfaction. Everyone worked dedicatedly whether they were children or physically and mentally challenged people.

Since the people were hard working and government authorities were just and caring Inca was hunger free civilization. The people were given due importance and were aided by government whenever there was any need be it a natural calamity, health facilities and other basic needs. Social prosperity was the sole motive of the government.

The Inca culture facts further lay down the foundation of 3 most important principles of life avoid lies, avoid being lazy, avoid stealing. These laws illustrate that Incas were moral, disciplined and a strict tribe. The penalty in case of violation of these laws was death.

These laws were religiously followed which helped in making Incas a just society.

Inca Cultural History

The culture gave way to a secure society and other law that was followed was to keep the door open. The reason behind this law was to ensure that people followed principles religiously. It imbibed stability in the civilization.

Whatever work Inca people did had some practical utility. Their works were highly Spartan. This can be seen in their architecture, their art works, the musical works, the monuments they built, the draperies they made. Everything had some practical utility. Though they were extremely catchy but incas focused on practicality.

Facts about Inca Culture

The traditions and information were passed verbally from descendant to another. There were no written transcripts.

They had a strong belief in renaissance. They considered death as a route to the after world and this route was jam-packed with complications but once the journey was completed the subsequent realm would be similar to the current one. In order to ensure they make through this path in an uninterrupted manner they never burnt the body of deceased and avoided they don't die by ablaze.

Culture Facts

Inca culture facts gave the vital picture of the characteristic traits of Inca people who were assiduous and moral. Inca gave the world a culture that is still a dream for the society we are a part of.

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