Incan Traditions and Customs

The history of the Incas is complex, far more complex of what people believe. The Inca Civilization has barely 1000 years of history. It was a roller coaster, from their birth as a simple Inca tribe in the heart of the Andes to the magnificent Inca Empire that we know today.

As ancient civilizations sprang up across the planet thousands of years ago, so too the Inca civilization evolved. As with all ancient civilizations, its exact origins are unknown. Their historic record, as with all other tribes evolving on the planet at that time, would be recorded through oral tradition, stone, pottery, gold and silver jewelry, and woven in the tapestry of the people

Incan Traditions and Customs

The Incan empire was huge, and generation after generation continued to live and work the land. The Inca stayed within their empire until the day they died, and that allowed for vast knowledge and rootedness within the community. Each person knew everything there was to know about how to live and what the surroundings of the landscape were, and passed on the developed culture, traditions, and technology.

The Inca knew how to use what they had learned, pass it down, and improve greatly on it. This allowed for traditions, as well as the continuation of the Inca Empire. In modern day, many families are broken up, and people can freely move around to wherever they want when they want. There seems to be a huge disconnect with the land and the usage of it.

Incan Traditions and Customs

Like the ancient Egyptians, the Incas believed in an afterlife. They mummified their dead. The family held a funeral for eight days. Women in mourning wore wore black clothes for about a year. They also cut their hair really short.

The bodies and tombs of the dead were carefully tended. The mummies of dead rulers remained in their palaces. These rulers were treated as if they were still alive. Servants brought them things. Their family consulted them for advice on daily affairs. On parade days and other special occasions, their mummies were carried through the streets.

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