Xcaret Mayan Riviera

Xcaret means "small inlet" in Mayan. Its name comes from its situation next to a small inlet that in the past served as a strategic location for navigation and commerce for the Maya. According to the research by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) the first buildings of the site are from the years 200 to 600 A.D., but the majority of them are from the period from 1200 to 1550 A.D.

Xcaret Mayan Riviera

Xcaret Eco Park has a totally unique beginning. Unlike other parks and tourist attractions, Xcaret Park began as a residential purchase! In 1984, Miguel Quintana Pali, an architect in Mexico, purchased twelve acres of land on the Mayan Riviera.From the dream of the perfect home to the thrivingEco park that it is now, Xcaret Park has made some incredible transformations over the decades and will continue to improve

Xcaret Mayan Riviera History

Xcaret is approximately an hour's drive south of Cancun. All resorts organize excursions; also, tourist kiosks in Cancun also outings to Xcaret and Xel-ha. As for the archeological part of the picture: there are indeed some genuine ruins in Xcaret, as well as a recreated Mayan Village that's fun for kids to explore.

Xcaret Mayan Riviera

Enjoy a show at night, with more than 300 actors on stage, resulting in a musical journey through the history of Mexico since pre-Hispanic times to the present day, with all the colorful costumes, folklore and dancing. The Xcaret at Night experience at Xcaret eco theme park awakens with the most famous musical show in Mexico: Xcaret Mexico Espectacular.

More than 300 artists on stage will amaze you with a vibrant journey through the history of Mexico and Mayan culture bringing to life colourful Mexico traditions in the Gran Tlachco Theater at Xcaret eco theme park. Xcaret is a fascinating concept, aiming to package the Yucatan's Mayan history and its tropical lagoon ecology into one day-long experience. The result is entertaining and well-executed;

Facts about Xcaret Mayan Riviera

The underground rivers that run through this amazing theme park in Mexico are breathtaking natural wonders where you can swim and snorkel in Xcaret during your Riviera Maya vacation. Tucked within an ecological and historical preserve, the all-inclusive Occidental Grand Xcaret captivates guests with spectacular grounds, a pristine coastline and unparalleled service and amenities.

The Occidental Grand Xcaret offers each the breathtaking natural wonder of the eco-archeological Xcaret Park. Located adjacent to the resort and within walking distance, travelers with a taste for eco-touring and adventure can explore the remains of a Mayan village, snorkel through ancient caves and underwater gardens, swim with dolphins, or observe jaguars.

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