Ancient Mayan Ruins Cancun

Ancient Mayan Ruins Cancun-Quintana Roo

When Cancún opened in 1974, the carefully developed island - commonly referred to as Cancún, Isla Cancún or the Zona Hotelera - was promoted as a tropical paradise. In short order it began attracting snowbirds from Canada and wealthy beach bums from the USA, Europe and elsewhere. Remarkably, Quintana Roo didn't become a state until that same year.

Ancient Mayan Ruins Cancun

The Territory of Quintana Roo was linked to the rest of the country by the Merida-Valladolid-Puerto Juarez highway. It had four border areas classified as Duty Free zones and but a light weight economy otherwise. Under these circumstances, the creation of Cancun as an integral tourism destination was seen as major source of jobs for the region.

Cancun itself was selected as the site for an international resort in the late 1960s by a as part of President Echeverria's tourism program. The Cancun project (to build a tourism zone, a residential area, and a nearby airport) was approved in 1969, but development began in the 1970s. Cancun rapidly became a large and very dynamic city.

Ancient Mayan Ruins Cancun-Chichen Itza

Only two and a half hours away from Cancun is one of the most impressive of all Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza This is perhaps the most famous Mayan cultural site in the world, and one of the richest and largest archeological remnants of that civilization. Xcaret (around cancun) is most well-known for its status as an ecological theme park, with an underground river, lagoon, and dozens of attractions. However, it also houses several Mayan Ruins.

Ancient Mayan Ruins Cancun

Mayan is full of activities and dream come true beaches. Most of the beaches are located near the Caribbean side. It also has an added lure of ancient cultures evident of eco-oriented theme parks. It was given its name after army general Andreas Quintana Roo although he was never in the territory.

During the 1960s the island of Cancun was just an ordinary place visited by local fisher folk and a few adventurers. It was after that time that the Mexican government decided to sink millions of dollars to develop the area.

Ancient Mayan Ruins Cancun-Weather

Cancun weather is a strange phenomenon. Often in downtown Cancun it can be raining, while only a mile further away in the Hotel Zone blue skies and sunshine will prevail. Often, the weather forecasts for Cancun are notoriously unreliable and often seem far more pessimistic than is the actual case.

Ancient Mayan Ruins Cancun

Today, three decades later, Cancun, once a forgotten jungle village, has grown into one of the world's greatest and most visited vacation resorts. Especially during the first two decades, the Mexican government pushed the project by investing itself vast amounts of money into the infrastructure of the area. Today, mayan cancun is visited for its beautiful ruins and happening night life.

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